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San Diego, California

Upload Moving Systems is a large provider for commercial and industrial moving services in San Diego County and Surrounding Areas. Our vast knowledge and experience in moving commercial property or equipment make us the number one chose from local moving companies.

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June 18th, 2017


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UploadMoving Company


your local moving company from San Diego
local moving company from San Diego
San Diego Local Moving Company

Your Local Moving Company

Upload Moving Systems are movers that provide Local Moving services and Long Distance Moving services from and to San Diego Area and surrounding area.

Local moves are within 50 miles are charged by the hour, rates will depend on the season and day you choose your move, as well as the number for movers required for the job based on the size of the move, or the weight of the items, walking distance, difficulty of the stairs and elevator involved.

Long Distance Move and Out of State Moves that are longer then 50 miles and they are charge by the weight and hour for loading and unloading time.

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We provide free online and on the phone moving quote, we do in person estimates for larger moves only. Our rates vary by the availability and season