How do I pay for Moving services?

To pay for your moving cost we do accept CASH, CASHIER CHECKS, MONEY ORDER , the rates for CREDIT/DEBIT CARD are higher. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECK AS A PAYMENT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. We accept business checks  from companies that have set up and account with us ONLY.

 When do I pay for my Move?

All the payments must be done before the completion of unloading or at the end of the move if we have your credit/debit card on file. Commercial accounts are billed by invoice and invoices should the paid within 30 days.

 Do I get charged if I cancel my Move?

If you do have a deposit with us and need to cancel your move it should be done 3 days prior the move to get your deposit back. If you cancel the same day or anytime during the moving process 3 hours minimum will be billed to you.


  • 2 Movers
  • ONE 26FT Truck


  • 3 Movers
  • ONE 26FT Truck


  • 4 Movers
  • ONE or TWO 26FT Truck
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